The Fiction Writer’s Handbook

ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year FinalistThe Fiction Writer’s Handbook is the definitive volume to explain the words and phrases that writers and editors use when they talk about a work. In the highly competitive publishing world, today’s writers need to stay ahead of the competition and make every sentence count. This book will help new writers who need an understanding of the writing process, and for seasoned writers, it is a powerful tool.

From the Author:

“I wanted to produce the book I needed when I was setting forth as a writer, a book you could pick up at any page and be led by your own needs and curiosity rather than the logic pattern of a development editor. I wanted a book that made me believe someone had given away the store.” —Shelly Lowenkopf

What Readers Say:

“Knowing how editors choose one work over so many others would give any writer an advantage. To that end, Lowenkopf, a longtime writer, editor, and educator, delivers the fiction-writing guide he has always longed for–one that can be applied to the practical goal of every aspiring writer: getting published… VERDICT An invaluable insider’s take on what editors look for when sifting through the slush pile.” —Henrietta Thornton-Verma, Library Journal

“The effect is also similar to falling down a rabbit hole. To put it plainly, it’s a tool that anyone who loves to learn more about the craft of writing won’t be able to put down, an indispensable addition to any writer’s library.” —Marc Schuster, Small Press Reviews

“While the definitions in themselves are informative and quite entertaining, they are also often educational in their examples and serve as great writing advice. Highly recommended reading, especially for writers.” -Maya Fleishmann, Curled Up with a Good Book

“This book is an excellent reference for writers to add to their shelf right next to their thesaurus and dictionary to be referred to over and over again.” –Kristina Davis, Goodreads